Wedding photography is unique in that the people skills of the photographer are almost as important as technical ability. It’s not an easy task managing the needs of the bride and groom as well as family members and guests. Putting everybody at ease is essential if beautiful and spontaneous moments are to be captured.

My goal at a wedding is to be unobtrusive yet ready to take charge if the situation dictates. Experience has given me the ability to anticipate the action and be in the right place at the right time. Going above-and-beyond can’t be outlined in a contract but is always delivered. Yes it’s true that once I painted a brides nails before her wedding ceremony - she ran out of time and somebody had to do it !

"Formal portraits" is a term that can strike fear in clients. I make the process as fast and as painless as possible. I offer as little or as much direction as you need and make sure that you don’t forget to have fun. Your portraits will be as "formal" or as "in-formal" as you want them to be. We all have different tastes and I adapt my style to suit your needs and expectations.

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